Following a 25+ year career in senior management roles in the Fortune 1000 software industry, I decided to finally become self employed in 2011. I went in one day, and resigned a high paying, but very high stress, 50 – 60 hour a week position to enter a new phase in my life. 

Have you ever thought about leaving your job to be self employed?

I can certainly tell you, it's exciting, but challenging.

I entered the world of affiliate marketing, and like most people, I struggled with it for about 6 months. 

However, gradually, as I persisted in working on my business, I excelled, more and more each month. And since then have been rewarded nicely, and have been in the top 1% of affiliates of the 3 different companies I have joined in the last few years, and in the top 100 of over 300,000 people in one of them.

If you've ever thought about getting involved in affiliate marketing, I'd be happy to help you out.

Let me tell you. It's good to have a mentor that's been where you want to go.


I'm now in a position where I teach motivated baby boomers how to accelerate their own business, the way I have over the last few years.

Have you ever thought about finding a mentor? I might be able to help you out.

I really enjoy affiliate marketing as it gives me and my wife Boni a nice extra income, and also affords us the freedom to travel frequently, now that Boni has officially retired.

That's the cool thing about the business. You can do it from any where, and the way I teach it to my team, in can be done in just a few hours a day.

What's driving you to the world of affiliate marketing?  

Are you looking for more money, or more time with the family, or more freedom to travel.

On the personal side, my wife Boni and I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, just an hour west of Toronto, and north of Niagara Falls.  We have two grown children, Lauren, and Bryan, and our little dog Lucy keeps us busy.

I also am an avid distance walker, having competed in 3 half marathons in the last few years, and have another one on the schedule. 

Our passion is travelling. We've been to about all the provinces in Canada, most of the states, in the US, and all told, about 32 countries. We've been married most of our lives at this point, having married very young, and we continue to find new adventures every year.


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