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Big Money Mastermind

I recently joined a group called Big Money Mastermind and I’m thrilled that I did

Big Money Mastermind


What is Big Money Mastermind

Big Money Mastermind is a Mastermind / mentoring group, created by online marketing guru, and friend David Sharpe.

David has been involved in building systems that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of sales and commissions for thousands of people.

He is a master at network and attraction marketing, as well as list building, and affiliate marketing.

Big Money Mastermind is oriented around using the MASTERY LEVEL products from a company called MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO, which has been successfully in business since 2008, and created some of the biggest leaders in internet, affiliate and network marketing. 

While to Countdown timer is still active some of the you will get the following bonuses 100% FREE for joining Big Money Mastermind

  • Big Money Mastermind Private Team Training
    • special immediate and ongoing training exclusive to our Big Money Mastermind community presented by one of the masters in the industry.
  • Big Money Mastermind Private Mastermind Community
    • A private community where you can network, mastermind, and get encouragement from other like minded individuals. The people you meet in masterminds like this can truly change your life.
  • Big Money Mastermind Swipe File
    • a complete library of tried and true, proven email and copy, that you can use as your own.
  • Big Money Mastermind Affiliate Formula
    • complete training on how to make big money through affiliate marketing of products you don’t have to create.
  • Big Money Mastermind List Building System
    • complete training on how to build a profitable email list.
  • Big Money Mastermind Leadership Skills
    • becoming a leader is a skill that normally takes years to develop. Here’ we can immediately start shortening your learning curve so you become an immediate authority in your chosen niche.
  • Big Money Mastermind Marketing System
    • access to pages, images, videos, and webinars that Dave has used to create one of the fast growing and profitable teams in the business.

Why I Joined Big Money Mastermind

First off, I know David Sharpe, I like him and his approach to online business, and I respect his knowledge, skills in the business.

Secondly, I want me and my team to learn from him.  The cool thing about BMM is that you get mentored by Dave, whether you join through him (you can’t now anyway) or whether you Join through me.

Dave has closed the doors to getting into Big Money Mastermind directly through him,, but he is STILL allowing NEW members to get into they system at no charge, when they join MSLP at the Mastery level through one of the existing members.

That’s where I come in. Being I’m already a member, I can offer you membership in Big Money Mastermind.


Here’s the extra benefits you get by joining through me and getting PRIVATE ACCESS to Big Money Mastermind.

top image

While to Countdown timer is still active some of the you will get the following bonuses 100% FREE for joining Big Money Mastermind




Also a critical factor on joining Big Money Mastermind and MLSP Mastery is not only do you have a great offer to give to your team, but you also get a great $100 per month recurring commission for as long as people are members of the system. There are no pass ups, or tiny little commissions, or crazy complicated compensation plans to worry about.  Just a straight $100 commission directly to you for every person that takes advantage of the system and joins through you. So you can build a great recurring monthly income quickly.

People have the option of paying monthly, or at a money saving annual rate which effectively saves them 2 months fees.

Pick whichever option suits you best, and as soon as we receive notice the Big Money Mastermind team will forward you all the bonuses.







As I said earlier, Im thrilled to be part of the Big Money Mastermind, and I’m 100% certain you will be too if you decide to join us.

Patrick Batty

Founding Member – Big Money Mastermind

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