Commitment – The Big Secret in Home Based Business

As a person who entered the home based business field about 4 years ago, and then hit the leaderboards in every company I've been involved in, (top 100 out of 300,000 in one) I've often been asked what I thought the real secret is in home based business.

In a word I'd say, it's Commitment.

Too often, I've seen so many people come and go from a business in a ridiculously short period of time.

They seem to think they just have to “set up a shingle” or write a blog post or facebook post and throngs of people will immediately decide to join them in the business.

They put in mediocre effort, in many cases don't even follow training that their up-line or company gives them. (which obviously has worked… because they joined!) 

They fail to invest in advanced training.

The put in sporadic, inconsistent effort.

Then a few weeks or a month or two later, they quit, claiming the company or system doesn't work, and they are off to repeat the cycle all over again with something else. Wasting time and money everytime the do it.

At the same time, others who have invested in training, have moved up to advanced product levels, and then worked consistently go on to make a lot of money with the EXACT SAME SYSTEM, having had the EXACT SAME OPPORTUNITY.

Obviously, the system works.. but some people don't!

It's all about COMMITMENT!

Commitment to be trained.

Commitment to advance.

Commitment to put in consistent effort.

Commitment to focus on the goal, and not get sidetracked by small setbacks.

Commitment to take the honest advise of others that are winning at the game.

Commitment to succeed.

But above all, this takes Commitment to Oneself!

If you really want to make a difference and get to great heights in this business,, you have to commit to do what the masses fail to do. That's the way you separate yourself from the pack.

None of this is hard.

It just takes commitment.

You owe it to yourself and your family to succeed.

If you are committed and want to join me in what I consider the most lucrative, business on the internet, opt-in here and watch a series of videos we have put together for you.

Peace and Prosperity

Patrick Batty

It really is Commitment – The Big Secret in Home Based Business

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