Do you Have to Be a Tech Nerd to Make Money Online

Do you Have to Be a Tech Nerd to Make Money Online


Do you Have to Be a Tech Nerd to Make Money Online

At first cut, I was thinking that some technical skills would be worthwhile.

Things like how to write a blog post, and stuff along that line.

But upon a but upon further reflection, I think technical skills for making a good income online, are highly overrated.

Why I say this, is, becoming a technical expert on all the things one could get involved in, in making money from home, can be a never ending challenge.

I think that most people that start from scratch, and try to become technical experts on everything involved in making money online, end up spending years trying to get skilled, and never end up making any real progress income wise.

I think the better approach for most people would be to outsource some of the technical work, and focus on the BUSINESS aspect of home based businesses.

Most technical tasks can be outsourced for $5-10 for a particular task.

If you like doing the technical things, you certainly can, but if its going to slow down your ability to do business, in most cases you`d be better to get someone to do the tasks you can`t do, the tasks you don`t like to do, and the tasks where it`s so affordable to outsource, you`d be wasting your time, doing them yourself.


You could even have an offshore assistant work for you FULL TIME for about $300-$400 per month.

Now I realise, at the beginning, most people don't nned someone full time, but I just want to share what is available.

The key thing for most people to consider is HOW they plan to make money from home?

WHat is the method you want to use?

How will you be paid?

Do you have a product to sell?

Do you have a service or skill you want to sell?

Or do you want to do what I do, which is to become an affiliate marketer, and get paid commissions when people buy products from me?

I feel being an affiliate marketer is the best way to get started on a home business, because:

  1. you don't have to create your own products
  2. you don't have to handle payment processing
  3. you don't have a big infrastructure to set up
  4. you don't have to stock an inventory
  5. you don't have to worry about shipping

So as you can see, being an affiliate marketer has a lot of advantages and can be done with just some basic skills.

You MAY need a website.. but with some systems, it may be provided for you.

There are a number of different systems and products you can become an affiliate of.

In my experience, I prefer companies, that pay out a minimum of 75% commission, and possibly more.

I also prefer companies where I don[t have to stock or ship products.

Usually I prefer digital products that are delivered automatically to the purchaser.

I also like to promote companies that offer a lot of training, so new people can get up to speed quickly, whether they are technical or not.

Whenever possible I also prefer companies that provide a good monthly residual income.

That means commission on an ongoing basis from a single sale.

What companies meet All of MY criteria, and what do I promote.

I promote two different companies.

I promote NATIONAL WEALTH CENTER, which has a great set of products to teach marketing, business.

This link will tell you more about it.

I also promote MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO. My lead system pro teaches you how to generate leads for any business you want.

This link will you direct you to a webinar you can watch today to understand more about it.

I find it compliments National Wealth Center, perfectly.

So do you have to be a tech nerd to make money online.

Absolutely not.  The above systems will train you on what you need to do, and you can outsource anything that you think is more than you'd like to take on, so you can focus on your business, not technology.

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