How to Lower Bounce Rate on WordPress

How to Lower Bounce Rate on WordPress

Last night I had a site review of my website, and found out some cool things I've implemented, that you can easily do to lower bounce rate on a WordPress site.

Bounce rate is an important factor in the search engines determining if you have worthy content, and whether they should rank your content high in their listings.

Effectively bounce rate is how long people stay on your website.

How to Lower Bounce Rate on WordPress Sites

You want people to stay longer, so they get more value from your, and by staying longer, it is lowering your bounce rate. Which obviously will then help your search engine rankings.

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Here's a quick video I just did to show one very cool WordPress hack that will lower Your bounce rate.

WordPress on it's own, doesn't do this, so watch the video to learn about it.

So in essence, when you are having people click to an external site, from an image on a page, simply set it to open that site in a new window. (that is standard functionality in WordPress, but you have to tell it.

Here's another cool tip: How to Add Audio Files to WordPress

But also, to do it from a WordPress Widget, what you do is put your image into a Draft Blog Post. Add the link to the image, and use the setting to open the link in a new window.

Then go into your text editor for that post, copy the code, and then put that code into a Text Widget, where ever you want it.

Another cool tip is to link to relevant blog posts on your site from your blog post, which will encourage people to look around further.

I hope that helps.

Patrick Batty

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