Narrow Your Focus to Impact More People

Narrow Your Focus to Impact More People and Make More Sales

One thing I've learned over the years, is to can't serve everyone, and you can't be an authority on every thing.

You have to pick your market, assess your strengths, fix your weaknesses,  and then provide value by helping your  target market solve their problems.

When i see new affiliate marketers marketers, a lot of the time they seem to have to broad a focus.They either try to serve everyone, try to do every thing, and in the process they aren't really adding value, or serving anyone in particular.

If you establish your target market first, you have a much better opportunity to serve that market and offer value.Thereby, by narrowing your focus you have the opportunity to better serve the people you are targeting.

Think of it this way. if you were to set up a online store, and you tried to sell everything, you'd probably struggle selling anything.

You'd be competing against the likes of Amazon, or even department stores like Walmart and Target.You'd struggle to get ranked in the search engines for specific products, and as a result, wouldn't get a lot of traffic.

All because you didn't get specific about your focus.

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On the other had, what if you picked a specific product, or at least a product niche to get really focused on. It could be anything, and your market research might help you decide. Let's say, you decided to focus on shop tools, and even more specifically, Socket Wrench sets.

You could create content, specifically about socket wrench sets. You could show people benefits of particular types of socket wrenches, or brands, or models. You could become an authority, on socket wrenches.

People would recognize your authority, the “how to” press may discover you and come to you for information. The search engines would discover you too, and quickly would realize your website was all about socket wrench sets.

After all, that's what all your content articles and videos are all about. So your website would quickly be ranked for all different types of socket wrenches. And you'd be getting tons of traffic specifically because of those website rankings, and a volume of sales, because of the authority and knowledge you shared about the topic.

Sure, you would be getting any traffic about things you weren't focused on, like furniture, or baby clothes. But if someone was looking for socket wrenches, over time, you could become the go-to destination. That's a simple example about the power and the benefit of focus.

So, think about it a bit. Who are you trying to serve?

What are they looking for? How can you help them solve a problem?

What can you offer them to truly impact them.

Those are the keys to expanding your business. Narrow Your Focus on those issues, and you'll quickly be impacting more people and getting more sales.

Peace and Prosperity

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