Surrounding Yourself with Winners Today will Pay Off Tomorrow

The person you will be in 5 years, will be based on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with today. I have long believed that but for many years somewhat I ignored my own advice.

I latched on to so-called leaders in network companies. Some that I respected, some not so much, but I was dazzled by there results.

Some of their methods didn't resonate with  me, and others, every time I connected with them, wanted me to pull out my credit card to buy a re-hashed course that was pretty similar to the one they put out 6 months earlier. Ya, they made a lot of money, selling this stuff, but it wasn't really helping me.

Gradually though, I became somewhat of a leader / mentor myself, having been in the top 100 affiliates out of over 300,000 in one company, and reaching the leaderboards in every other company I've been involved with.

Surrounding Yourself with Winners Today will Pay Off Tomorrow

One of the ways I've done that, in particular, is getting to know some of my mentors, attending live events,  speaking with them regularly, and even doing joint webinars or videos.

And above all, watching some of their training, EVERY SINGLE SAY.

I dedicate an hour a day to adding to my skillsets. Some of it by reading, some by watching videos.

And more important, I spend a few hours each day on the income producing activities that I learn from my mentors.

Obviously, you can only learn so much from courses, videos and books.

It's what you take from those courses, videos, and books and put into concrete, tangible actionable plans and activities is what makes all the difference.

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